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Tim Is Ux Competition-New Interaction Design Contest

last submission date: Feb. 29, 2016

Suggest a new concept of interaction, service or functionality for tim impresa semplice Organized by Desall.com is a competition of Ux and Telco Interaction Ux Tim Web Concept Business Desktop Mobile.

Focus On Characters-Design Contest by Mondadori Scienza On Desall.com

last submission date: Feb. 15, 2016

Imagine a new exciting character for focus junior magazine by mondadori creating an original and versatile figure to make boys and girls fall in love with the captivating world of focus junior. Organized by Desall.com is a competition of Character and Sketch, Concept, Character, Science, Digital, Print, Nature, Media, Children, Animals, Magazine, Scienza, Focus, Mondadori.

Ge Light The Way: Concepts For The Future of Office Lighting Competition

last submission date: Jan. 29, 2016

What does the future of office lighting look like to you? this challenge seeks brilliant minds to develop a concept behind a complete, intelligent lighting system for an office environment - one that can monitor, analyze and optimize its office surroundi Organized by 10eqs is a competition of and .

The Games of The World-Design Contest For Kinder Joy

last submission date: Jan. 27, 2016

Kinder relies again on the community of desall.com to research innovative ideas. take part in the new contest the games of the world, exploring games, traditions and modalities regarding the way children play around the world and reinterpret these games f Organized by Desall.com is a competition of Toy for kinder joy and Joy, Game, Toy, Challenge, Children, World, Kinder, Unisex, Region.

Rethinking Kids' Medication Competition

last submission date: Dec. 23, 2015

The “rethinking kids’ medication contest” is about to shape the future of pediatrics. goal is to solve the dilemma of children who need treatment but are scared to take medicine due to their negative perception of it. Organized by is a competition of Kids' medication and .

Blophome Interior Decorating Contest

last submission date: Dec. 22, 2015

Submit an interior decorating project Organized by Index consulting s.l. is a competition of Interior design projects and 3d-modeling,interior-design,room-planning,architectural-design,furniture,virtual-room-design,room-designer,decorating.

Future Kitchen Experience Competition

last submission date: Dec. 14, 2015

Have you ever wondered how people will interact with food in the future? this is the question that “future kitchen experience” wants to address with your help, a new design contest sponsored by one of the largest home appliances maker in the world, in Organized by Desall.com is a competition of Appliances for the kitchen of the future and Future, Kitchen, Experience, Design, Appliances, Food, Cooking, Preservation, Cleaning, Iot, Interaction, Concept, Serving.

Type Directors Club Tdc62 Communication and Typeface Design Competitions

last submission date: Dec. 11, 2015

Enter the world's most prestigious typography competitions. Organized by Type directors club is a competition of Typography and Typography, Typeface Design, Graphic Design, Design, Book Design, Advertising, Digital Media, Editorial, Miscellaneous, Motion, Movie Titles, Packaging, Self Promotion, Unpublished.

Trends Excellence Competition For Architecture & Design 2015

last submission date: Dec. 1, 2015

This is india's premier design competition for professionals, brought to you by home & design trends magazine (india). categories are spread over architecture, interior design, product design and visual design. a first-of-its-kind in the country, Organized by Home & design trends (india) is a competition of and Architecture, Design, Asia, Art, Award, Competition, Interior Design, Awards, Installation, Product Design, Furniture, India, Architects, Architect, Home, Spatial Design, Visual Design, Brand Identity.

Vmodern Furniture Design Competition

last submission date: Nov. 24, 2015

The goal of the competition is to discover and promote the most creative pieces of furniture that will transform the way we live and interact with our environment. what is the future of furniture design? Organized by Evolo magazine is a competition of Chair, armchair, bench, lounge chair, recliner, stool, bed, lighting, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp and Furniture, Seating, Armchair, Bench, Chair, Lounge Chair, Recliner, Stool, Bed, Coffee Table, Desk, Table, Lighting, Ceiling Lamp, Floor Lamp, Table Lamp, Wall Lamp.

10th Arte Laguna Prize

last submission date: Nov. 18, 2015

Arte laguna prize is not only an art competition but also a great opportunity to exhibit your artworks in venice, to win a range of different prizes and career opportunities and to join an international network of artistic institutions and creatives Organized by Arte laguna studio and cultural association moca is a competition of Visual arts and Call For Entries, Artist Opportunity, Call For Artists, Call For Submission, Art Award.

Multifunctional Urban Structure Design Competition

last submission date: Nov. 17, 2015

Calzavara and desall invite you to a new contest of product design looking for the future design of its own structures. this new design will be the future product and the product of the future: a new concept of urban structure, combining street furniture Organized by Desall.com is a competition of Multifunctional urban structure embedding network antennas and Network, Telecommunications, Telecom, Design, Structure, Urban, City, Multifunction, Tech, Radio, Cellular, Mobile, Urban-furnishing, Street.

Redesign The Wheel Competition

last submission date: Nov. 4, 2015

Oz, a globally acknowledged automotive brand and world leader in the production of light aluminium alloy wheels for road and racing, approaches the desall community with an opportunity to design a new wheel that conveys the unmistakable values of the bran Organized by is a competition of and .

The Architect's Newspaper Best of Design Competition

last submission date: Nov. 2, 2015

The architect's newspaper 3rd annual best of design awards presents a unique opportunity to showcase your buildings, building elements, interiors, landscapes, and other architectural-based categories that are not covered by other competitions. check Organized by is a competition of and .

Basic Balkan Architecture-Balkan Architecture Biennale (competition For Spatial Installation)

last submission date: Nov. 1, 2015

authors are expected to give personal and individual interpretation of balkan cultural diversity elements, and to reassess its characteristics through innovative implementation in space shaping. spatial installation should be made predominantly of wood Organized by Kolektiv association and balkan architecture biennale is a competition of Spatial installation and Balkan, Architecture, Exhibition, Installation, Wood, Spatial Installation, Gallery, Identity, Practice.

Top Design Selection Competition

last submission date: Oct. 30, 2015

We are selectiong excellences in product design for a yearbook that we will send for free at 300.000 architects, interiors and manufacturers + exibition in milan Organized by Andrea ciappesoni is a competition of Products design & fashion design and Product Design Competition, Book, Design, Milan.

Replay 24h Shoe Competition

last submission date: Oct. 20, 2015

Replay, historical brand in the denim and casual wear scene, and desall invite all creative people of the world to design a new 24-hours shoe model for men and women for a non-stop replay experience, night and day. for more info: http://bit.ly/replay24 Organized by Desall.com is a competition of Shoes and Urban, Men, Fashion, Comfortable, Women, Footwear, Shoe, Casual, Dressy, 24h, Metropolitan, Heritage.

Hyve Crowd Fab Atelier Jewelry Design Competition

last submission date: Oct. 9, 2015

Jewelry is an expression of uniqueness and peculiarity. become a designer in the fab atelier design contest and create bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and bodyjewelry. fab atelier produces the best 10 designs and takes further care of marketing and Organized by is a competition of and .